Devotional Reading

One for the Road – “Stranger”

Stranger.  Acquaintance.  Friend.  These words describe how people relate to Jesus.


Stranger.  There is no knowledge of Jesus.  They have never heard about Him.  He’s a stranger.


Acquaintance.  These people know about Him.  They may even go to church.  There is no shortage of opportunity to know Him.  But…He remains only an acquaintance.


Friend.  These are those who know Jesus in a personal way.  They have been born again.  There is a heart relationship. 


These are the descriptions that divide the whole world.


What is the challenge?  To see everyone find their place as a close friend of Jesus.


Every Christian has the responsibility to reach out to those who regard Him as stranger. 


Acquaintance is totally inadequate.  It results in the judgment of God. 


But…Jesus as Friend…that’s the call.

 – Richard Dresselhaus | One for the Road | 

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