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One for the Road – “Nominalist”

Nominalist.  A person who claims a name…but doesn’t live up to it.


An example would be people who identify themselves as Christians…but have little passion for righteousness.


Their devotion is nominal…at best.


Here’s a challenge.  Use a graph to indicate the highs and lows of your devotion to Christ – from your conversion to now.


How does it look?


Sadly…some people have little desire to follow Jesus.  They trail along at a distance.  Little devotion.  Little passion.  Little fruit.


John speaks of those who are lukewarm.  That’s another way of speaking of nominalism.  And…the judgment on such is severe.


Today…be intentional about your desire to follow Jesus.  Let it be wholehearted and complete.


Nothing nominal.

 – Richard Dresselhaus | One for the Road |

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