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One for the Road – “Kicking Against the Goads”

Kicking against the goads.  That’s a struggle to be avoided.


A goad is a sharp stick…used to prod animals.  It’s sharp – pointed – and designed to inflict pain.


The word picture is powerful.


Saul of Tarsus was confronted by Jesus with these very words: “It is hard for you to kick against the goads.”


Put simply…it is painful to fight against the will of God. 


Does this mean that God is cruel…that He keeps the goad in hand at all times?


No.  It’s that being out of the will of God robs people of all that God has in store for them.


Today…stop.  Could it be that you are feeling the pain of being out of God’s will?


But wait.  If you are…come to Jesus.


Out of God’s will…but not out of His grace.

 – Richard Dresselhaus | One for the Road |

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