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One for the Road – “Forbidden Fruit.”

Forbidden fruit.  When people eat it…death is at the door.But…what is it?  It’s anything unlawful…that stimulates human cravings.


It might be the quest for power…an inordinate appetite for food…the lust for illicit sexual gratification…or any wrong attraction.  Forbidden fruit comes in many varieties.


God said to Adam and Eve: “…You must not eat from the tree that is in the middle of the garden…”


But…Eve saw that the fruit was good…and pleasing to the eye.  She ate…and so did Adam.


What in your life is forbidden fruit…and how can you break its attraction?


First…is identification.  Learn to spot fruit that is forbidden.


Then…take authority over your cravings.


Finally…pray for a pure mind…and a clean heart. 


Focus on the fruit of the Spirit.

 – Richard Dresselhaus | One for the Road |


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