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One for the Road – “Disneyland or Battlefield”

Disneyland or battlefield.  Which metaphor best describes the Christian life?


Well…the Bible does declare that the joy of the Lord is our strength – and that happiness is a byproduct of living a righteous life.


But…the Bible also makes it clear that the righteous are involved in a battle – light against darkness…truth against deceit…and life against death.


Some Christians miss this part.  They think of Disneyland…more than the battlefield.  They may think it strange when fiery trials come their way.


Paul speaks of the Christian as a soldier…and speaks of all the armor that the righteous should wear.


So today.  A visit to Disneyland is fine.  But…remember that the real world calls for battle.


Be well armed.  And fight with courage.

– Richard Dresselhaus | One for the Road |

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