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One for the Road – “Capacity”

Capacity.  That’s an important measurement.


Containers have capacity…as do elevators – airplanes – trains…to name a few.


But…here’s the question.  What is your capacity?


To forgive.  Do you stand ready always to dismiss offenses?  Or…do you hang on to wrongs?


To love.  Are you protective of your rights?  Or…do you think always of others?


To serve.  Do you make sure you get noticed and appreciated? Or…do you calculate what is to your advantage?


To give.  Do you look for some return on your giving?  Or…are your actions directed by what others may think?


It all has to do with capacity…your depth of character and godliness.


For an example…study the life of Jesus.  His capacity was beyond calculation. 


Make it your goal…to follow the example of Jesus.

 – Richard Dresselhaus | One for the Road |

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