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One for the Road – “Speaking Truth”

Speaking truth…in love.  In that order.


Otherwise…expressions of love can be interpreted as acceptance.


Rightly…Christians are not to be judgmental.  That’s true.  But…if that becomes an excuse for not speaking truth – sincere people become enablers of bad behavior.


Jesus is the very incarnation of love.  But He spoke directly against sin.  He was not judgmental…but He never hesitated to point out sin.


He spoke truth…in love.  But…in that order.  The rebuke of Peter was followed later by affirmations of love.


Tolerance.  That’s the call of the world.  But…sometimes it’s a call for approval.  That’s when tolerance becomes wrong.


Here’s the bottom line.  Speaking the truth in love is not judgmentalism.  It’s a godly…and right…response.


Speak the truth…in love. 

– Richard Dresselhaus | One for the Road | rldress@aol.com

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