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One for the Road – “Hating Evil”

Hating evil…loving people.  Godly influence is measured in this balance.


If all you see is evil…you’re being a negativist.  If all you see is loving people…you’ll become permissive.


The key is to separate the two.  Hate evil  – fight vigorously against it. But…love people — and do all you can to lead them to Christ.


The separation is sometimes hard.  It’s easy to attack both the sin and the sinner.


We turn to Jesus for help on this.  At every turn He hated sin.  But…He always reached out to sinners.


You see this in the way Jesus treated Peter – after his denial.  He separated Peter’s sin…from Peter the man.


This is what it means to follow Jesus – hating evil and loving people.


Cultivate the heart of Jesus.

-Richard Dresselhaus | One for the Road | rldress@aol.com

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