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One for the Road – “Fuzzies and Pricklies”

Fuzzies and pricklies.  One is about affirmation…the other about correction.


The challenge is to find a balance.


All fuzzies is flattery.  All pricklies is cruelty.  But…it’s the right balance that matters.


For example.  If you have never communicated approval…and suddenly you speak correctively – you’ve probable made an enemy.


If all you do is compliment…you’ll miss opportunities to help people grow.  The key is to find the proper balance.


The Bible says a lot about love – kindness – bearing burdens.  But…it also speaks about rebukes – correction – and discipline.


So…how do you strike the right balance?  By living in truth.  And…the Holy Spirit is there to help.


Fuzzies and pricklies – in right balance.

– Richard Dresselhaus | One for the Road |


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