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One for the Road – “Fear of People”

The fear of people.  It can have a crippling effect…and ruin one’s effectiveness.


Aaron feared the people…and made a golden calf for them.  Elijah feared Jezebel…and ran for his life. Peter feared the crowd…and denied his Lord.


What will people think?  That’s the question that can compromise integrity…paralyze initiative…and immobilize progress.


Consider the example of Jesus.  He did the will of his Father…with no regard for the opinions of people.


It cost Him His life…but He finished His mission.


Today…you will need to choose.  Do I please people…or do I please God?  And…it may prove costly for you as well.


Keep your eyes on Jesus.  Seek only to do His will.  Ask the Lord to guide your steps.


Pleasing Him – that’s the goal.

– Richard Dresselhaus | One for the Road | rldress@aol.com

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