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One for the Road – “Does My Life Matter?”

Does my life matter?  Do I have any value?  Is there any purpose for my life?


These are questions we all ask.


If you toss a rock into a lake…how long will it be before the splash has disappeared?


Is life like that?  A quick splash…and soon the ripples have all disappeared?


The disciples asked Jesus:  “What shall we do, that we might work the works of God?”  That’s another way to ask the question.


Jesus answered: “…believe on him whom he hath sent.”


So…it’s believing that makes your life worthwhile – giving it value and purpose.


In other words…it’s more than doing – it’s being.  Not so much activities – but devotion.  More heart — than hands.


Your life really matters…because you believe in Jesus.


Simple…but true.


– Richard Dresselhaus | One for the Road | rldress@aol.com

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