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One for the Road – “Basing the Argument”

Basing the argument.  That is…what is the foundation on which the argument for a righteous cause rests?


The choices are one of two:  Human reason…or divine revelation.


Sometimes…Christians try to mix the two.  They argue for righteous causes using human reason.


Admittedly…those in opposition will object.  But…the argument for righteous choices must be based on Scripture.


For example – the question of origins.  An argument based only on science will take you one way – an argument from Scripture will take you another.


Every attempt will be made to limit the argument to reason – logic – and experience.


The bottom line is this:  The argument for righteous causes must be rooted in the Bible.


Don’t let anyone move the argument away from that.

– Richard Dresselhaus | One for the Road | rldress@aol.com

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