Notes on the Pentecostal Movement in China, Malaysia, and Indonesia: Written Interviews from the Pneuma Review

Many thanks to John Lathrop for highlighting a number of interesting and informative written interviews from the Pneuma Review that offer insights on the Pentecostal movement in Asia.  These articles are listed below by country: China; Malaysia; Indonesia.  


At this link you can read a chapter from Eugene Bach’s book about the house church movement in China. 

Here is a link to an interview with Dennis Balcombe about the Holy Spirit and the Chinese Church. 

Below is the link to another interview with Dennis Balcombe.

At this next link Dennis Balcombe is one of the participants in the interview.

Interview with Paul Hattaway 

Interview with Eugene Bach (not his real name) from the Back to Jerusalem ministry. 


At this link you can see a book about the Bario Revival which took place in Malaysia. Unfortunately, this book is not currently available in the U.S., but John believes it still can be purchased from bookstores in Malaysia.

View on Amazon

At this link you can see a video (about 13 minutes long) about the Ba’kelalan Revival which grew out of the Bario Revival.

Here is a brief report about the prayer gathering that is held on Mount Murud in Malaysia.


There is a Christian young people’s movement in Indonesia called “Fire Generation.” Here is a video from their 2015 conference.

And lastly, here is the link to John Lathrop’s report about their 2018 Kingdom Family Conference that he and his wife attended.

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