What is the Asian Center for Pentecostal Theology (ACPT)?

Chinese Pentecost

Chinese Pentecost

A meeting place for a community of pastors and scholars committed to Pentecostal values and ministry;

A digital library of books, articles, book reviews, and blogs that seek to bring clarity to the Pentecostal message, encourage the Church in its mission, and edify the body of Christ;

A catalyst for research, writing, and publication of books and articles in Asia that address Pentecostal themes;

A forum for discussion of topics relevant to Pentecostal theology and praxis, and for posting news about related events.

Purpose: The ACPT seeks to strengthen the church in Asian by promoting Pentecostal theology, ministry, and experience in the region.

Methods: We seek to achieve this purpose by:

  1. Producing articles and books that address the needs of Pentecostals in Asia and providing a forum for discussion of related interests.
  2. Translating and publishing articles and books on Pentecostal theology in the vernacular languages of Asia.
  3. Encouraging Asian Pentecostals to engage in research and writing on important Pentecostal topics.
  4. Assisting Asian Pentecostals to network and communicate with one another about their research and writing interests.
  5. Offering courses and seminars in the region on various aspects of Pentecostal theology and ministry.

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