• Review of Maynard-Reid’s Complete Evangelism: The Luke-Acts Model

    Title: Complete Evangelism: The Luke-Acts Model Author: Pedrito U. Maynard-Reid Publisher: Scottdale, Pennsylvania: Herald Press, 1997 Release Date: Feb. 1, 1997 Pages: 176 pp., pb. In his discussion of evangelism, Maynard-Reid shifts attention from Matthew to Luke-Acts, arguing that Luke's evangelistic model is more holistic than Matthew's and more attentive to social concerns. The shift illuminates both Luke-Acts and contemporary discussion of evangelism, particularly as it relates to social action. Maynard-Reid includes a historical overview in which he argues that separation between evangelism and social action is a recent innovation, but he devotes the bulk of the book to a reading of Luke-Acts that grounds his call for a "contextual and incarnational" missiology. The book is accessible to a general audience and will appeal to readers with an interest in New Testament interpretation as well as those with an interest in evangelism. - Steve Schroeder   Reviewer:¬†Robert P. Menzies teaches New Testament at Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (Baugio City, Philippines) Book Review: 3,353 words Complete Evangelism: A Review Article In Complete Evangelism: The Luke-Acts Model, Pedrito U….

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